A Brief History

 A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away........

Star Base Columbus
was commissioned Stardate 92.13.11

Location: Alpha Quadrant, Sol Sector, Terran System: Planet Earth, United States, Westerville, Ohio

A Star Trek and Science Fiction specialty shop located in the Columbus/Westerville, Ohio area.  Since 1992,  it has been HQ Central for local fans of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genres.  Of note is that this successful and long-lived business is owned and operated predominantly by women.  The owner, a huge Star Trek fan,  enjoyed attending conventions in the 1970's and 1980's. Unfortunately this was one of the few places fans could find memorabilia, tee shirts and collectibles.  She decided to open Star Base Columbus in 1992 as a permanent "Dealers Room".  To date, it remains the only brick and mortar store of its kind in Ohio and the Mid-West.

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