What is a Star Base?


According to  "Memory Alpha", the Star trek Wiki, a Star Base, within the context of Star Trek is usually a Federation Facility where Star Ships are maintained and resupplied, a place for crews to take their shore leave, a research station, place for Interstellar Trade or a seat of administration.

Star Base Columbus strives to fulfill many of these aspects.   This Facility serves as a place for Interstellar trade and is deemed "neutral" territory, belonging neither to the Federation nor any other group, but there to render service to all.  Some members of the Star Base crew are also members of Starfleet International and serve as Lisaisons and Ambassadors to other groups in the area.

Star Base is HQ Central for most of Star Trek Fandom in Central Ohio.  It offers a facility for all the local Star Trek and other organizations to hold meetings and other events, such as parties and charity fundraisers.