Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 Geek Street

In late summer of 2014 Bills Bricks and Toys merged with Star Base Columbus thus creating a fun hybrid Star Trek- Sci-fi and Lego store!  Moore comics moved into the former Bills Bricks location in the red building adjacent to Star Base.  The tiny plaza where these businesses reside in Del Park Square has recently been dubbed Geek Street.  On Saturday afternoons Moore Comics holds HEROCLIX gaming at their former location in the House on the Hill, now known as Quark's.  This facility provides gaming space as well as a meeting place for local Star Trek and Science Fiction clubs. 

So one can spend an entire Saturday perusing comic books, checking out the new Star Trek and Sci-Fi items, playing a game of HeroClix and attending meetings and activities sponsored by local clubs.  All are encouraged to come and check it out and be prepared for a day of AWESOME FUN!

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